S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
September 12th 2010

Chadd Ferron, Mike de Smidt, Ben Jaber, Larry Dunn and I think that's the back of Michael O'Donovan's head there too? Yesterday at the S.C.U.P.C. meeting.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
August 8th 2010

The lads assembled in an orderly fashion yesterday. Nice day. We set up in the garage and played 'til we could stands no more. Notes ricocheted off the walls until it was time for home. Michael O'Donovan gave Tim Drake a hand with a bold baritone regulator reed that obviously hadn't read the regulations! All better now. Sam Moehring from Berkeley visited us with his new Michael Hubbert half set.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
April 11th 2010

A nice gathering yesterday. Everyone was in great form and we rambled through a rake of tunes. Some new faces which was excellent to see! Ryan Ramirez and Ken Matley, welcome guys!

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
January 10th 2010

The new year meeting was high-lighted by the arrival of Fel Bautista's new concert pitched set in acid stained boxwood brass & faux ivory by Michael Hubbert. We all brought them for a spin and concluded they are a very, very fine set of pipes!

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
October 11th 2009

Very nice meeting this past Sunday. Thanks once again to the Fel Bautista for the photos. Pipers present were Gabriel McKeagney, Larry Dunn, Dave Collins, Fel, Doug Cross, Les Brody, Mike de Smidt & Steve Prybil. We discussed the upcoming tionol (next month!) and visited the concert venue. It'll be ideal, it's a community center about a mile from Gaby's. I exposed my flute, a few of the lads even wanted to give it a try. Speaking of flutes, Ben Power paid us a visit to return Gaby's little F flute. Ben did a fine job restoring it to playing condition. Young Ronan was present and had his Dad tie a dozen or so water balloons. We played a few tunes and bookended the meeting with Mexican food... that'll do :-9

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
January 11th 2009

Why does that man there look so happy? Because he owns the best concert pitched set on the planet that's why! Congratulations to Larry Dunn on aquiring such a very fine set of pipes by Koehler & Quinn. I've never played anything like them. Also, Joey Abarta and Sasha Hsuczyk are back from Ireland and they played us some great slides and polkas which gave us a chance to wind down after the meeting. Photos taken by Gabriel McKeagney and Michael Eskin.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
December 14th 2008

Congratulations to Larry Dunn and Tim Drake. Both have just acquired long awaited concert pitched sets. Larry's is from Koehler & Quinn and Tim's is from Michael Hubbert. Here we see Larry's set on the rounds. Also, Jeff Cullen procured a very fine Alain Froment set.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
August 10th 2008

These photos, taken by Fel Bautista, are of some of the lads bringing Tom Wolverton's new set of pipes pitched in C by Bill Haneman for a spin around the block. They are a fabulous set in boxwood, caribou antler and silver. They can be seen up close and heard also on Bill's site http://billhaneman.ie/images/gallery/. Here we have Tom, Larry Dunn, Gabriel McKeagney & Victor Fitzsimmons.

S.C.U.P.C. at The Irish Fair, Irvine
June 21st & 22nd 2008

From Larry Dunn: Glad to hear that the Sunday contingent survived the heat. Thanks to all who put in “booth time” at the fair, and especially those who stepped-up to perform on stage with very little advanced notice. Kudos to Steve Pribyl for putting together the piping displays and for attending the fair both days (I won’t even mention the tattoos). Despite his conspicuous absence, D’Arcy gets an honorable mention for designing our spiffy new club banner.
From Michael Eskin:
Hi y'all,
I was there on Sunday from 2-6 PM along with Steve Pribyl, Michael O'Donovan, and Doug Cross. It was about 95 degrees in the shade and about 20% humidity. I did the two piping demos at 3 and 5 PM, thank goodness for the dry-conditions chanter reed Michael loaned me, otherwise, there would have been no demo. Its perfect for this kind of extreme condition use and held up very well.
The thatched hut where they put us was immediately across from the concert venue, and we couldn't hear anything. After fighting the noise for about 1/2 an hour, we picked up and moved the whole setup down near the information booth and food stands, where we played under a tree and had a lot of interest and foot traffic.
Overall, a fun, but sweaty day, thanks for arranging this, both Linda and I had a great time.
From Fel Bautista:
It was a hoot; it was also hot-94F in the shade and about 25% humidity at 2 in the afternoon. We had a demo at 2 and 5; Joey and Larry did the one at 2; Steve P and myself did the one at 5. I did the banter for the most part and Steve was the musician. We did simple tunes, jigs- Garrret Barry's, Seán Buí, reels- The Wind That Shakes The Barley and the one I can't remember. Even with our reeds going south, we managed to eek out applause (and an encore) and a bunch of questions, like where's the air come from, how come you're sitting... Steve and I were blowing into the bag neck to humidify the reeds. It would work for about 15 minutes or so. You couldn't hear to tune (its kinda in D) with the bands that they have using amplification and the marauding scots pipers. If you just play in the booth, people will come up and ask questions, so it pays to play or even do scales or cranns- it seems as long as there is music coming out.
The booth was on the right as you walk in the main part of the exhibit. We left the banner up (Up the banner!!) and put the posters in the box.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting
February 10th 2008

Another nice meeting of the SCUPC took place this February. Great photos here from Fel Bautista once more. Highlights were my daughter playing Gabriel's childrens little "F" set and playing Michael Eskin's chanter... cough cough! The last two shots are from Sasha Hsuczyk.

S.C.U.P.C. Meeting with Tim Britton
January 13th 2008

Some nice ones here taken by Fel Bautista on his new Canon Rebel (I think) camera.

We rang in the new year with a visit from pipemaker Tim Britton. He regaled us with tales of reed inquisitions and trips to Ireland and shone some light on his approach to piping and the music in general.

At this meeting also Steve Farrell's drones were bestowed on Tim Drake until his Hubbert set is ready. Tim is playing day and night on them and is greatly appreciative.

S.C.U.P.C. 10th Anniversary Meeting
December 9th 2007

We celebrated our ten year anniversary this December in style. There was cake and tunes and whiskey to beat the band. We viewed a BBC documentary Gaby was sent over which was very entertaining. The man behind the archival recordings, Michael Eskin, video taped some highlights and edited them together for all the world to see here. Here's to another 10, a few more grey hairs and a few more tunes inside the ceann.

House Concert & Workshop
with Paddy Keenan and John Walsh
September 22nd 2007

We had a great time with Paddy Keenan and John Walsh this past Saturday and Saturday night. It was wonderful to see Paddy and to hear him playing so well. Everyone enjoyed his stories and his variations... dazzling stuff!!! The event was hosted at the McKeagney residence, the official SCUPCHQ. Thanks to Eileen and Gaby for opening their doors once more and thanks also to Victor Fitzsimmons for arranging a gracious dose of drink from his (and our) good friends at GUINNESS.

In the afternoon there was a "hang" with everyone sharing stories and tunes together. It is an education to hear and see Paddy playing. He is so relaxed and just plays what he hears and it's still so refreshing. The music seems to just flow out of him. At one point Paddy passed around his pipes which was a genuine treat for all involved. Tim Drake enjoyed seeing and playing the set first hand and there's a nice photo of him holding the set in the gallery to the left. Pretty cool Tim! His chanter has a truly unique tone.... part of the Keenan signature sound.

The concert went very well and was a very communal affair with members of the audience asked up in the second half to join in. There were banjo's, bouzouki's, singer's, flutista's and even a bodhrání swinging from the rafters by the end of the set and things flowed into the night with music continuing on well after the concerts official ending.

The morning came to soon as is always the case, but the welcome breakfast by Super Mom Eileen McKeagney was just the ticket!

Thanks a million Paddy for stopping in ,we look forwrad to seeing you around here again!

July 8th 2007
Joey Abarta has returned from his time with the mouse in Japan. Thanks for the sake Joey :)

March 11th 2007

We were graced with an appearance of the noble Barry O'Neill this past meeting. He was playing his Michael Hubbert chanter which was based on his own magnificant Michael Egan chanter. In these photos we see Michael O'Donovan, Gabriel McKeagney and Larry Dunn. See you at the next one!

December 10th 2006
7 Years a Listening and 2 Years a Practising! Officially! It's our ninth anniversary. Well done to all for sticking with it - Here's to many more years of fun, camaraderie and piping!

April 11th 2005

Michael Eskin putting everyone through their paces while teaching a class.

Dave Riddles playing his Michael Hubbert full set sans regulators and Pat D'Arcy playing his Taylor style Koehler & Quinn set.
Brian Walsh came along with his Johnny Bourke full set and Donnacha Keegan chanter.

April 9th 2006

Steve Pribyl and Michael Eskin both with new chanters from David Quinn and Benedict Koehler. Joey Abarta playing other peoples pipes. Dave Collins playing his new Wooff C set. Fel Bautista is in there observing happily and there's a curious one of Dave and Gaby comparing their bag neck length... I though that one warrented some explanation :) Michael Eskin is also seen playing the concertina.

Steve Farrell

04/09/06: S.C.U.P.C. Piper Steve Farrell passed away on Sunday morning due to liver cancer.
You'll be missed Steve.
It was great to know such a warm and open spirit.
As you always said yourself, "God Bless". ::: more»

June 11th 2006

Joey Abarta displaying in fine style his brand spankin' new concert pitched set by Michael Hubbert. Congratulations Joey (and Mr. Hubbert) they are beautiful. Michael Eskin joins Joey here also for a few tunes on his Koehler & Quinn chanter and Kirk Lynch ¾ set. We have a visiting piper here also by the name of Robbie Byrne. Robbie is playing a Andreas Rogge full set with a Dave Williams chanter. Looking forward to having a few tuens with you Robbie at some point.
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