Southern California Tionól
with Máire Ní Ghráda, Jimmy O'Brien-Moran & Benedict Koehler

Oct 7, 8 & 9 - 2005

                     Máire Ní Ghrada, Jimmy O'Brien-Moran & Benedict Koehler

The 2005 Southern California Topnól was a roaring success. Thanks to Larry Dunn for his organizational skills, Gabriel & Eileen McKeagney for hosting the event and all the rest of the lads that chipped in particularly Steve Farrell and Nicholas. Thanks to our ever patient instructors Jimmy, Máire, Kevin & Benedict! Thanks also to everyone that attended particularly those that travelled from far off and exotic locations such as Susanne Ward, Tom Klein, Pat Cannady, Karen Cook, Chris Behnke, Lia Zito, Skip Cleavinger, Kynch O'Kaine the gang from the Frisco club etc. If you were left out please let me know at pat@uilleannobsession.com

If you have some pictures and comments you'd like to share please send them along to pat@uilleannobsession.com

Thanks for the photos to Fel Bautista, Lia Zito, Gabrial McKeagney, Mike DeSchmidt, Dave Collins.
Ted Anderson, under observation of Steve Pribyl.
Dave Collins listens to Kynch O'Kaine having a toot on Michael O'Donovan's new Koehler & Quinn C set.
Máire Ní Ghráda teaching the beginners class outside. The weather was perfect... not too hot, not too cold, hovering between 45 and 50% humidity all weekend.
Our fiddle teacher for the weekend was Kevin Crehan. Looks like he is reconsidering his musical direction ;)
School chums Brian Walsh and Jimmy O'Brien-Moran with Nicolas.
Benedict and Lia play a few.
Some tunes on Friday night.
Joey, Gabriel, Chris and Fel's legs play a few more.
Lia helps Victor put up the tent in the back garden and then relaxes with a few tunes.
Lia Zito and Chris Behnke tunes..... congrats to you both! :)
Happy Birthday Nicola! Steve Farrell wastes no time and snags the first slice (only joking Steve)
Michael Hubbert, Michael O'Donovan and Benedict Koehler.

Here are a selection from the San Franciscan Mike DeSchmidt. Jimmy, Máire, Máire & Benedict, Kevin Crehan & Barry Fisher, Lia Zito & Chris Behnke, the guests line up for the grand finalé.
The Saturday night concert. Great music!
The likely lads! Givus a pint there :)

The Friday night seisiún. Myself and Máire with our Koekler & Quinn sets. I enjoyed the tunes a lot that night. Máire has amazing rhythm and is a pleasure to play with. Michael Hubbert fiddling in. Benedict Koehler too! Not a bad ould group is it :)
Kynch O'Kaine.... it's a chanter Kynch not a flippin' flute!
The lovely Christa Burch singing a song for us.
Benedict, at the helm.
One of the clubs founder members Tim Doughty was here from Florida. It was great to see him and the first time since his move a good few years ago. Good luck with the pipes Tim!
Fel and Brian going over some sets.
Is this love? Kynch and Michael..... I'm getting all choked up......
The youngest club member, Ronan..... hello there big man :)
David and Victor. David is holding a particularly nice C chanter in brown ebony.... if only I had the shinola!
Nicola listening to Justine playing her new Andreas Rogge D set in snakewood and silver.
Jimmy's advanced class. Let the culling begin ;)
The kids corner.... some future musicians in there I'd say.
Benedict and Máire prepare their sets for the concert.
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