Southern California Tionól
October 13, 14 & 15
A great weekend was had by all. A nice relaxed atmosphere prevailed. Classes took place and the music flowed. Some familiar faces were missed. Lovely pipes abounded. No-one was hurt.

Thanks to all the teachers and performers for taking part. Long may the tradition continue.
Some of the attendees on Sunday.... we need to get these photos taken sooner eh?
Thursday night kicks off in grand style........ if not a bit blurry :-O
Mr. Tommy Keane playing Tommy McCarthy's Leo Rowsome set which is now in the care of Tommy's son who is doing a great job on them.
Tommy Keane, Marion McCarthy and Gabriel McKeagney with three Leo Rowsome chanters going.
The Holy Order and the Pep Rally meet for the first time!
Patrick D'Arcy blowing air up the Holy Order. Notice the East Coast Tionól t-shirt...... sweet!
Tom Klein of the Great Northern Irish Uilleann Pipers Club (Minnesota Branch) joined us for the weekend sporting his new Koehler & Quinn set in Honduran rosewood, brass and boxwood.
Marion McCarthy playing Pat Cannady's B set by Koehler & Quinn.
This year on reeds we had our very own Michael O'Donovan and all the way from Ireland we had Martin Preshaw. Not too shabby! Thanks for everything guys, you made a lot of distressed pipers a little less distressed! This pair were first at it every morning... absolute troopers!
Gabriel and Martin acting the maggot with the drone reeds in his Geoff Wooff C set.
John Touhey and his Kennedy set at the reed making table.

Reed making in full spate!
Victor Fitzsimmons having Michael and Martin have a look at his B Geoff Wooff set. Consensus: They look good Victor..... maybe you need to play them, a bit? ;)
John Touhey and guest philosophizererer David Quinn. More in common than just the beard? You decide!

Marions class.
Having a cuppa tae.
Tommy teaching one of his classes.

Tommy giving a lecture on listening on the Saturday afternoon.
Kevin Crehan's fiddle class.
SCUPC member Bruce Teter demonstrating the French Musette.

The concert on Saturday night kicked off with Pat Cannady and Karen Cook from Chicago playing in B. Followed by Keving Crehan with whom I played a tune or two.

Tommy and Marion followed with some wonderful West Clare music. To end Kevin hopped up and more sultry tunes filled the room.
Victor Fitzsimmons and a friend guzzling the pints. We were very fortunate to have been sponsored once again by GUINNESS - Thanks very much form everyone in the club!

A couple of sessions broke out after the concert. After that they melded, Vulcan style, in a third room! No evidence of this anomaly exists however.
Lovely mild weather permitted Marion's Sunday classes to take place out of doors on the patio.

Here is concrete evidence that these "tionól" aren't necessarily a good thing for the body.... but surely they are good for the soul..... surely!?
Sunday came too quick. Reedmaking kicked off early. It was the ideal spot to sit and relax and have a chat with the lads.
Some nice ones here form Tom Klein of St. Paul, Minnessota.
  • Michael O'Donovan and Martin Preshaw picking green cane.
  • The Holy Order and The Pep Rally face off!
  • Various people having their wiley way with the Pep Rally.... poor thing :,-(
  • And there's more! From SCUPC member Fel Bautista:
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