todd denman workshop
los angeles, september 21st 2001
A wonderful weekend of music hit the town of San Juan Capistrano once again. Hopefully the pipes were environmentally friendly as there wasn't a swallow in sight except for the local pub that is. The McKeagney's opened up their home to us once again and proved that their gracious hospitality is as eager as ever. Last time we did this there was on the two of you but now with the addition I heartily thank the "three" of you.

Todd's pipes were in great working order and he brought along two lovely Quinn/Koehler chanters. The one he played was in D and a Rowsome style copy of Paddy Keenan's. The second was a Taylor style copy of the same. Todd is using this chanter as his #1 chanter now and it's easy to see why!

Thanks to Michael Eskin for these great photos documenting the weekends events. To see the rest of them click HERE.
Todd begins the day with the first class. Steve Farrell, Brian Walsh, Dave Riddles and Zachary Abbott listen attentively as Todd points them in the right direction.
Then after a cup of tea class number two commenced. Gabriel McKeagney, Brian Walsh (in silhouette), Larry Dunn, Dave Collins and Eric Olson partook of this class. While a few more listen in.
A nice shot of Gabriel limbering up for the class on his back porch. Gabriel plays a Martin Kerrigan chanter and Charles Roberts made the remainder of the set.
Dave Collins with his Seth Gallagher set.
Larry Dunn with his Seth Gallagher set.
Brian Walsh playing his Johnny Bourke set with Donncha Keegan chanter.
Tuning up my Eugene Lambe set. Not like playing the flat set but still fun in a perverse kind of a way :)
Todd and myself having a few B tunes. Todd on his Rogge set and me on my Wooff's.
The flat sets take a well earned rest.
Still tuning up the D set.......
Todd and Myself warming up for the Sunday evening concert.
Myself, Todd and Paddy O'Neill. Paddy was able to join us for the weekend which was really great. He is a very fine flute player originally from Derry now living in Santa Monica. He had a great selection of tunes from the North of Ireland which have been added to the *must learn* list.
Todd called me up for a few tunes in B before the onslaught of concert pitched tunes.
Todd and Paddy. The flip-flops were a heavily featured item of discussion over the weekend and got us into a few perilous situations to boot! Don't worry Paddy, my lips are sealed :)
"Whaaaaat?" :) The whistles were brought out as the night progressed.
Todd regging it up!
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